Chocolate Bars 2012

Ben Tre Action Against Hunger Bar

The Ben Tre Plantations Pure Origin limited edition Action Against Hunger & Guild of Fine Food Chocolate bar is made from cocoa sourced from the southern region of Vietnam. It was specifically chosen by The Guild and Action Against Hunger as ideal choice for the project due to its finesse, pure cocoa tones and delightful aroma as well as the plantation’s humanitarian objectives providing employment, education and a secure income to people with deformities resulting from chemical warfare during the Vietnam War.
The chocolate’s outstanding quality had been recognised by an independent panel of judges at the 2010 Great Taste Awards where both the 70% dark and 40% milk chocolate bars where awarded with 3 gold stars. In the world of the GTAs this is the highest accolade for British gastronomy and a further reason for choosing it for the project.

Bob Farrand, the man behind the GTAs says of the collaboration: “The GTAs are about enjoying the most sublime tasting food on the planet and what better way to enjoy arguably the world’s best chocolate than to do so while helping others not as fortunate as ourselves.”

Each Ben Tre Plantations Pure Origin Chocolate bar will raise £1 for Action Against Hunger. This chocolate bar benefits everyone from the sustainable, small-scale producers in Vietnam to the 5 million people Action Against Hunger supports each year. We encourage all food lovers to make a difference by purchasing this very special product.

"Our partnership with Action Against Hunger and The Guild of Fine Food is a natural alliance of pure ethical values, highest quality chocolate and finest food supported by an extensive nationwide network of independent retailers, suppliers and producers. There is nothing more satisfying than to create an amazing chocolate and work with the people who can make a real difference to the lives of so many deserving individuals."

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