Our luxury Chocolate Caramel Collections pay respect to this great nation we live in. Not only do we source the highest quality ingredients, but we have also made use of many of the wonderful ingredients England has to offer. From the gardens we grow to the teas we love so much, the Caramel Collections capture the essence of what it means to be British. It's no surprise why these UK chocolates have been awarded with so many accolades!
Delights & Decadence (Tea & Coffee Chocolate Caramel Cups)
Fancy a cuppa? Or rather a mug? Whatever your preference, our collection of fine tea & coffee chocolates is the perfect excuse for a break and a chat.
Our Price: £19.75
Britannia's Kitchen Garden Chocolate Caramels
A brand new luxury collection of 12 individually hand painted caramel chocolates, each filled with creamy caramel flavoured with unusual but classic herbs and spices sourced directly from Britain’s finest gardens.
Our Price: £19.75
The Great British Orchard - Fruit Caramel Creams
A luxury collection of 12 individually hand painted chocolates, each filled with creamy caramel and the refreshing flavour of ripe fruit
Our Price: £19.75
The Nutkeeper's Collection
A special collection box of 12 pralines filled with a touch of caramel to enhance classic nutty flavours, including the British Kentish Cobnut
Our Price: £19.75
The English Garden - 12 Floral Caramel Creams
This uniquely British luxury chocolate collection consists of 12 flower-shaped fine caramel cream chocolates infused with delicate floral flavours from across the land
Our Price: £19.75
Salted Caramel Chocolate Gift Box (12 Chocs)
One of our most popular choices, these luxury chocolates are filled with caramel made of pure cream and Cornish Sea Salt and encased in a beautifully hand painted shell
Our Price: £19.75
Salted Caramel Box (24 Chocs)
The perfect blend of salty and sweet, now there is even more to love with this luxury chocolate box dedicated to a creamy caramel favourite
Our Price: £35.00
Salted Caramel Box (48 Chocs)
The ultimate gift box of our award-winning caramel cream chocolates
Our Price: £60.00
Variety Chocolate Box (54 chocs)
A double layered selection of delicious ganaches, pralines, and creamy caramel chocolates
Our Price: £69.95
2014 Gold Great Taste Award Chocolate Caramels
Two 2014 Great Taste Award Winning caramel flavours: Roasted Banana and Lime. Deliciously encased in luxury chocolate.
Our Price: £19.75