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Sunday, 10th February marks a new beginning on the Chinese calendar as the Year of the Dragon comes to a close and the 2013 Year of the Snake commences.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the snake represents personality traits such as grace and intelligence. Snakes also enjoy luxury, preferring to surround themselves with only the finer things in life. Why not take an example from the snake this Chinese New Year and treat yourself to some of our delicious chocolate collections?

Royal Merina & Imperial China Selection
Mixed luxur chocolate box of 6 Imperial China Chocolates and 6 Royal Merina Chocolates - both three gold star award winning chocolates created by British master chocolatier Marc Demarquette of London
Our Price: £35.50
The Orient Collection (Limited Edition)
An exclusive collection of 14 ganache chocolates infused with Far Eastern flavours
Our Price: £39.00