Chocolate Coated Nuts & Fruit

Kentish Cobnut Pebbles
The British Cobnut bursts with nuttiness and tastes great with our chocolate and home made Cobnut Gianduja.
Our Price: £9.75
Almond Pebbles - Gold Award Winner 2011
Chocolate almond pebbles gently roasted and covered in a thin coat of our 71.1% House Couverture
Our Price: £9.75
Chocolate Enrobed Orange Slices
Five orange slices coated in 71.1% CacaoLux house blend
Our Price: £9.00
Chocolate Enrobed Orangette Box
Orange peels coated in our 71.1% fine house blend of chooclate from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Madagascar
Our Price: £10.00
Hazelnut Pebbles - 3Star Gold Award Winner 2011
Gently roasted Mediterranean hazelnuts covered in a blend of chocolate and crushed hazelnuts and then covered again in a thin coat of our 71.1% House Couverture
Our Price: £9.75
Pistachio Pebbles - Gold Award Winner 2011
Crunchy Persian pistachios covered in our award winning 71.1% House Couverture and lightly dusted with pure dark chocolate powder.
Our Price: £9.75
Sea Salt Hazelnut Pebbles - Gold Award Winner 2012
As if the Hazelnut Pebbles weren't enough we've gone and added Sea Salt to them. And they've won a 2012 Gold Great Taste Award. Be warned! You'll never look back!
Our Price: £9.75