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Introducing our chocolate advisory service which harnesses the experiences and knowledge we have accumulated over the years to help and assist you succeed in the wonderful world of chocolate.

Our credentials are enviable. With over 60 gold awards, a successful brand recognised internationally and a reputation for excellence, Marc Demarquette will offer you a depth of both core business and industry content to help and guide you to the point you are expecting to reach.

You are a new enterprise launching in the world of fine chocolate.Marc Demarquette, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Fine Chocolate Enthusiast

Are you looking to set up your own retail business or to work as a white label operation? From business evaluation, supply chain management and sales & marketing strategy to product creation and implementation, Marc will help you formulate a realistic plan and navigate you through the maze based on his fundamental experiences.

You are in the food industry and are seeking to re-visit your chocolate proposition.

With Marc Demarquette as your guiding partner, we will help you determine your aspirations and goals, and will draw in our global networks of partners and suppliers to help realise your goals into reality. Whether you are looking to source your own beans, create your own blend or product range, or require help in (re)defining your chocolate supply chain and sourcing strategy, our trusted associates will collaborate with your team to deliver.


Are you looking for a bespoke service to impress your clients? Marc will work with you to offer you the best quality / price solution in the timescales you require to ensure a seamless and outstanding service. Our track record with premium brands will give you the satisfaction that our knowledge and expertise is to be trusted and valued.

Demarquette consulting will tap into the impressive knowledge bank and reputed network of experts in their field to make sure your needs come first.

Keynotes, Panel Discussions & Meetings

Chocolate Consultant Marc Demarquette offers international cocoa advice and corporate servicesIf you are planning a meeting, conference, team away day, panel discussion or client event then you will probably be looking for a keynote speaker, panellist, facilitator or moderator to make sure that the whole event has the impact and energy you need. Marc Demarquette has the expertise, credibility and passion to ensure that your meeting or conference is memorable for all the right reasons.

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To discuss your unique requirements simply call or email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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