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Delights & Decadence (Tea & Coffee Chocolate Caramel Cups)

Inspired by our nation's symbolic and emotional attachment to the calming element and graceful event of 'Afternoon Tea', Chocolatier Marc Demarquette has created a 'Delights and Decadence' range of caramels. Coffee connoisseurs, likewise, are not forgotten, with flavours which will transport the taste buds to a romantic Valentinoesque Bedouin tent under a canopy of stars, or the elegant, sophisticated and indulgent coffee shops of Vienna.
Delights & Decadence flavours include:
  • Darjeeling Tea (Dark Chocolate)
Known as the ‘champagne of teas’, Darjeeling offers a delicately complex flavour experience with flowery-sweet notes that balance perfectly with the dark chocolate shell
  • Chai (Milk Chocolate)
Milk chocolate, fresh cream and sweet caramel make the perfect combination for a ‘Chai’ chocolate using a traditional Indian recipe of black tea and a unique blend of fresh herbs & spices
  • Jasmine Tea (Dark Chocolate - 2013 Academy of Chocolate Award Winner)
71.1% dark chocolate and White Monkey Jasmine Tea, a rare Chinese green tea scented with fresh Jasmine flowers, offers a beautifully delicate, sweet tasting caramel chocolate
  • Earl Grey Tea (Dark Chocolate - 2012 Great Taste Award Winner)
The distinctive flavour of Earl Grey with its notes of citrus from the fragrant Bergamot orange, is a popular and quintessentially British choice and delightful in combination with dark chocolate
  • Bedouin Coffee (Dark Chocolate - 2013 Great Taste Award Winner)
Authentic Arabian spices, blended with strong coffee and encased in a dark chocolate shell make this an aromatic Bedouin coffee experience
  • Viennese Coffee (Milk Chocolate - 2013 Great Taste Award Winner)
A fresh coffee and fig caramel inspired by the traditional Viennese Coffee recipe adding sweetness and fruity aroma to freshly roasted coffee and smooth milk chocolate
  • Consume within 8 weeks of purchase
  • Please choose UK Special Delivery option upon checkout if you wish to request a deferred delivery date (weekday only)
  • Box includes 12 Teacup Caramels


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Our Price: £21.75
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