Easter Chocolates

For the 2015 Chocolate Easter Collection, classically trained Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette took his inspiration from the Hot Cross Bun, patterns and colour. Each chocolate has been carefully handpainted with a beautifully unique design. Marc sets out to offer fun, novelty, as well as tradition to the Easter celebrations this year, of course using only the finest couverture chocolate.
Remember, some of our chocolates should be consumed within two weeks, so if you want to receive them closer to Easter or for a special occasion simply choose our free deferred delivery option.

Last order dates for Easter deliveries:

  • Special Delivery service: by 9 am on Wednesday 1st April, 2015
  • First Class Recorded: latest by 1 pm on Tuesday 31st March, 2015
  • Second Class Recorded: latest by 10am on Friday 27th March, 2015
  • International: latest  by 1pm on Monday 23rd March, 2015

Chocolate Graffiti Easter Bunny (dark chocolate)
Uniquely and colourfully hand-painted dark chocolate bunnies
Our Price: £6.50
Hot Cross Easter Eggs (6 delicious Chocolate Caramel Eggs)
Hand painted Hot Cross Easter Egg chocolate treat selection of 6 quail-sized luxury chocolate eggs presented in a stylish gift box.
Our Price: £12.00
Pink Box - Half dozen Graffiti Easter Eggs
Half dozen hen-sized Graffiti-style chocolate Easter eggs filled with praline & puffed rice presented in a brightly coloured pink egg box.
Our Price: £17.50
Yellow Box - Half dozen Chocolate Graffiti Eggs
Half dozen hen-sized luxury chocolate Graffiti Easter eggs filled with nutty praline and puffed rice - presented in a yellow coloured egg box.
Our Price: £17.50
Salted Caramel Easter Egg Sachet
12 Sea Salt Caramel Easter Eggs - made with British Beet Sugar, Cornish Sea Salt & cream and our exclusive award winning CacaoLux Dark Chocolate blend.
Our Price: £15.00
Blue Box - Chocolate Easter Graffiti Eggs (FOUR)
4 hand-painted luxury Chocolate Graffiti Easter eggs presented in bright blue egg boxes. The colourful eggs are filled with praline and rice puffs and add great fun to the Easter egg-hunt.
Our Price: £15.00
Yellow Box - Chocolate Easter Graffiti Eggs (FOUR)
4 hand-painted luxury Chocolate Easter eggs presented in a yellow egg box. The praline filled eggs are exclusively hand-painted in our London chocolate lab and add great fun to the Easter egg-hunt.
Our Price: £15.00
Milk Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg - Yellow
Ostrich Egg size, hand-painted milk chocolate hollow eggs made with pure cocoa and hand-decorated in our 2014 Easter Spiral style
Our Price: £27.50
Dark Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg - Blue
Ostrich Egg size, hand-painted 71.1% dark chocolate hollow eggs made with pure cocoa and hand-decorated in a colourfully stylish design.
Our Price: £27.50
'Catch of the Day' Luxury Milk Chocolate Sea Creatures
A bag filled with milk chocolate fish and sea creatures - a great gift or party treat and a true catch!
Our Price: £8.00
Milk Chocolate Chickens filled with Caramel
Three milk & dark chocolate chickens are filled with a deliciously creamy caramel in three flavours: Passion Fruit, Raspberry and Coconut
Our Price: £6.00
Medium Easter Chocolate Special Box
18 classic Ganache Chocolates and an assortment of 6 Easter Chocolate Quails Eggs filled with deliciously smooth caramel - it's the perfect Easter indulgence.
Our Price: £35.00
Demarquette Easter Chocolate Special Box - Small
A perfect Easter treat of 6 classic Ganache Chocolates and 4 Easter Chocolate Quails Eggs filled with creamy caramel.
Our Price: £12.75
Single Chocolate Praline Graffiti Hen Egg
A Hen-sized luxury chocolate Easter Egg, hand painted and filled with praline and puffed rice.
Our Price: £4.75