Easter Chocolates

Easter Glam Clam (milk chocolate)

Sophisticated, unique and iridescently beautiful, this is undoubtedly how mermaids store their precious jewels. Chocolatier Marc Demarquette has developed a unique method to achieve a striking pearl-like iridescence to the chocolate shell, which is filled with colourful hand painted Easter eggs. The entirely edible shell is carefully molded using 38% single origin milk chocolate from Venezuela, Madagascar and Java – these have been chosen for their quality in flavour, as well as the quality of life for producers, and the quality in cultivation.
The eggs are filled with creamy caramel in favourite flavours from our Great British Orchard collection including Devon Strawberry, Oxfordshire Plums, Somerset Apricot, Yorkshire Rhubarb, Scottish Raspberry and of course Cornish Sea Salt.

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