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Our Limited Edition Chocolates feature some of Marc's most luxurious creations. Always creating new, inspired handmade chocolates for you to enjoy, we just simply can't offer all of them year round, so enjoy these special artisan chocolate collections while you have the chance! The Limited Edition Chocolates gift boxes are not something you want to miss out on!
Catongo - 75% Brazilian Chocolate
Catongo 75% Chocolate - a genetic variant of the Forastero type and virtually a mirror image of the Criollo – Porcelana.
Our Price: £20.00
Grandiflorum Chocolate Truffle - Great Taste Award winner
The Demarquette luxury chocolate Grandiflorum truffles are in fact not chocolate as we know it, but made with Brazilian Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuaçu), a relative of the cocoa plant.
Our Price: £20.00
The Orient Collection (Limited Edition)
An exclusive collection of 14 ganache chocolates infused with Far Eastern flavours
Our Price: £39.00
X (TEN) - 36 Chocolate Box
Box of 36 Demarquette X (TEN) luxury chocolates. A 2017 anniversary collection.
Our Price: £90.00
African Queen Chocolate Truffles - 2014 Great Taste TOP 50 Award Winner
Great Taste TOP 50 Award winning African Queen luxury chocolate is made of a 68% ethical cocoa, blended with fresh cream and Tanzanian honey. The base of the chocolate is a hazelnut praline mixed with crunchy Breton wafers.
Our Price: £20.00
X (TEN) - 18 chocolate box
X (TEN) Chocolates - a luxury chocolate celebration collection created for the optimal chocolate flavour experience
Our Price: £48.00