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Introducing the Demarquette 'Masterpieces' range of luxury chocolates: a chocolate connoisseurs' selection of purest luxury pleasure. These distinctive chocolates are handmade using complex and unique artisanal techniques. The cocoas and ingredients used are often rare or very hard to find.
African Queen Chocolate Truffles - 2014 Great Taste TOP 50 Award Winner
Great Taste TOP 50 Award winning African Queen luxury chocolate is made of a 68% ethical cocoa, blended with fresh cream and Tanzanian honey. The base of the chocolate is a hazelnut praline mixed with crunchy Breton wafers.
Our Price: £20.00
Imperial China Chocolates - 2012 Top 50 Foods in Britain
Imperial China Chocolate - a 2012 three gold star award winning chocolate and voted one of Britains top 50 foods
Our Price: £25.50
Royal Merina Chocolates - Best Speciality South East
Royal Merina Chocolate - a 2011 three gold star award winning luxury chocolate created by London's most awarded chocolatier Marc Demarquette
Our Price: £25.50
Royal Merina Chocolates (24 chocolate box)
Royal Merina Chocolates - a three star award winning ganache created for the optimal chocolate flavour experience
Our Price: £65.50
Royal Merina & Imperial China Selection
Mixed luxur chocolate box of 6 Imperial China Chocolates and 6 Royal Merina Chocolates - both three gold star award winning chocolates created by British master chocolatier Marc Demarquette of London
Our Price: £35.50
The Lost Kingdom - 12 Chocolate Gift Box
Box of 12 Lost Kingdom Chocolates - a pure 75% single estate Venezuelan criollo chocolate ganache.
Our Price: £32.50