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Royal Merina & Imperial China Selection

Two of our most awarded chocolates - both are triple Gold Star winners from The Guild of Food, The Royal Merina was voted Best Speciality from South East and the Imperial China was nominated as one of The Top 50 Foods in Britain today - the definitive list of the greatest food and drink available from fine food retailers across the UK and Ireland.

Both are truly spectacular and meticulously handmade using Marc Demarquette unique & exclusive methodolgy of preparing a special ganache by "volumising" it to optimise and maximise the flavour of the chocolate.

The Imperial China Chocolates are hand crafted and made with carefully chosen finest Vietnamese, Malagasy and Venezuelan cacaos that complement each other harmoniously. The cacoas are blended with the extraordinary White Monkey Jasmine Tea, resulting in a perfect combination of long lasting cocoa tones and subtle notes of fresh Jasmine. The result is a light and delicately flavoured center with a thin chocolate couverture layer that adds texture and additional cocoa tones for a most delightful chocolate experience.

The Imperial Seal of Emperor KangXi is individually placed on each chocolate with a bespoke design made of pure cocoa butter. Emperor KangXi, his father Emperor Yongzheng and his grandson Emperor Qianlong jointly created the last and the most prosperous age of Chinese feudal dynasties, which is called "Kang-Qian Flourishing Age" in history.

The Royal Merina is made using two single estate cocoas from Madagascar to create a 68% chocolate as the ganache base as well as the couverture. Pure Madagassy bourbon vanilla is infused in the cream before it is gently mixed with the chocolate, then Marc volumises the mixture and once set enrobes each chocolates in the same 68% chocolate blend.

The result is a light and delicately flavoured center, with a perfect balance of cocoa tones and vanilla. The thin chocolate couverture layer adds texture and additional cocoa tones for a most delightful chocolate experience.

With such sophistication and accolade it seemed only apt to dedicate and name it after the103-year-old Merina monarchy in Madagascar.

  • Box contains 6 Imperial China Chocolates and 6 Royal Merina Chocolates
  • Will take up to 48 hour notice before despatch
  • Please note the Imperial China Chocolates should be consumed within two weeks of purchase
  • For deferred deliveries please choose Special Delivery postage option.

Our Price: £35.50