About Demarquette

DemarquetteSpecial selection of flavoured handmade Chocolate Ganache

Demarquette – Fine Chocolates is the ultimate standard in the artisan production of luxury hand-made fine chocolates. Created in 2006 and run by British born Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette, Marc sources only the finest ingredients to combine unparalleled taste and visual perfection, consistently making the finest chocolates with a contemporary twist.

Sourcing the highest quality chocolate and only the best and freshest ingredients is an imperative starting point. But that’s not where we stop... 

Our couverture chocolate is not sourced ‘off-the-shelf’, but roasted, conched and blended to our own bespoke recipes. We work closely with plantations and our partners throughout the ‘bean-to-bar’ process to ensure that they strictly meet our exacting highest ethical and quality standards.   

Our collections are made up of intricate recipes created by Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette. We set the standards for luxury chocolates and offer bespoke creations for our customers where quality goes without saying and the taste experience is second to none.

Being truly unique and consistent in our approach is our secret which has won us more than 50 gold awards over the years!

Truly Artisan

Marc is passionate about using the very best ingredients sourced to the highest standards, in order to make the finest chocolates. His expertise and skill is a trade that has been passed down by generations of the best chocolatiers - an alchemy that must be understood & preserved.

Only expertise gained over time, using skills handed down by true masters of the trade, can ensure that the quality is truly consistent. This personal approach ensures that we continuously produce an optimum chocolate for your maximum enjoyment.

Finest Chocolate

Central to our products is chocolate!  We are particularly strict when it comes to choosing the best quality, ethically grown and harvested, traceable varieties. As such we are very strict in our selection of producers, who must adhere to only the highest standards in social responsibility.

Freshest Ingredients

At Demarquette we take fine chocolate in its purest form and hand-blend it with just a few simple yet powerfully flavoured fresh ingredients which further enhance the chocolate and create its own unique character. Only the freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers, where possible, are used in our chocolates and prepared to strict specifications.

We carefully select our ingredients from traceable and ethical sources. The provenance of our fresh cream is paramount and we personally know the farmers whose dairy herds graze in Cornwall and Hampshire. Homegrown fruit and berries are picked from Marc's family orchard in the French Alps and our own aromatic blend of honey is harvested from the sweet nectar of wild meadow flowers.

British Made

We are proud that alll of our products are entirely developed and produced in Britain at our chocolaterie in North Kensington, and we are committed to sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local producers.

Purest Taste

Fine infused chocolate requires a delicate balance between the flavour of the ingredient and the pure chocolate itself. Our approach is to never overpower the chocolate and to create recipes that ensure flavours develop over time on the palate.

We also abstain from using artificial flavourings and preservatives to ensure the purest, freshest and original texture and taste.

As an accredited member of the Guild of Fine Food, we take great care that our chocolates are full in flavour, beautiful in appearance, amazing in texture and pure in taste.

Demarquette chocolate is created for one thing: pleasure! And it will bring a touch of it to any occasion. Spice up your after-dinner chocolates with your corporate logo, or really remind your wedding guests of the occasion with a unique flavour created just for you.

Our delicious selection of hand-made chocolates, from classic favourites to exotic treats, are all made from only the finest ingredients money can buy.

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