At Demarquette - Fine Chocolates we pride ourselves on offering you the highest quality chocolates. Award-winning British chocolatier Marc Demarquette hand-makes each one using traditional artisan techniques in his West London Chocolaterie.
Marc is passionate about using the very best ingredients sourced to the highest standards in order to make the finest chocolates. Every step of the chocolate making process is completed by hand as he ardently believes that no machine can replace the art of a master craftsman.

Only expertise gained over time, using skills handed down by true masters of the trade, can ensure that the quality is truly consistent. This personal approach ensures that we continuously produce an optimum chocolate for your maximum enjoyment.
Demarquette chocolate is created for one thing: Pleasure! And it will bring a touch of it to any occasion. Spice up your after-dinner chocolates with your corporate logo, or really remind your wedding guests of the occasion with a unique flavour created just for you.
Our delicious selection of hand-made chocolates, from classic favourites to exotic treats, are all made from only the finest ingredients money can buy.
We strive to develop and improve and we are  working
hard to eliminate plastics, especially single use plastic and Palm oil by Christmas 2019. Watch this space for any new updates and our progress!!

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