‘Britannia’s Kitchen Garden' - A New Collection of British Caramel Chocolates

20.05.13- As an extension of the popular Great British Orchard and English Garden collections, we have created ‘Britannia’s Kitchen Garden’, a new range of quintessentially British caramel chocolates flavoured with classic garden herbs and spices. Inspired by the nation’s love of the British allotment garden, the Collection was launched to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the The Chelsea Flower Show.
‘Britannia’s Kitchen Garden’ is a collection of fine caramel chocolates flavoured with classic British produce, herbs, and spices. The individually hand-painted chocolates are delicately moulded into half sphere-shaped shells made of Demarquette’s award-winning 71.1% CacaoLux dark chocolate and 40% silky smooth Malagasy milk chocolate. Each contains a luxurious creamy caramel centre made with pure Cornish & Hampshire cream, British beet sugar, and fresh ingredients found in the UK’s finest allotments. The flavours are:
  • Garden Mint (with dark chocolate)
  • Fennel &  Honey (with dark chocolate)
  • Hot Chilli (with dark chocolate)
  • Carrot, Rosemary, & Sea Salt (with dark chocolate)
  • Lemon Thyme (with milk chocolate)
  • Roasted Peppers & Olive Oil (with milk chocolate)
The launch of Britannia’s Kitchen Garden Caramel Collection coincided with the Chelsea Flower Show, the UK’s iconic celebration of outstanding and innovative gardening. The 2013 show marked the 100th year that the event has taken place on the grounds of the Chelsea Hospital.