Catongo 75% Brazil (Special Edition)

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Unique to Demarquette this is a single crop 75% dark chocolate from Brazil. UK EXCLUSIVE

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Introducing this 'Special Edition' single crop chocolate, exclusive to Demarquette in the UK. A 75% dark Chocolate bar from a single variety Forestero cocoa.

Originating mainly in the sourthern Bahia region of Brazil, Catongo cocoa is a genetic variant of the Forastero bean. It is often identified as a Porcelana because its whitish-coloured seeds are confusingly similar to those of the Porcelana variety. When comparing the pods of the Catongo to those of other Forastero and Criollo types, the Catongo is virtually a mirror image of the Criollo-Porcelana with the same number of divisions in the pod (five) and its downside shape.

The pods are harvested and processed on site in Brazil by our partners, Amma, who ensure that all of the precious cocoa butter is retained, thus maintaining exactly balanced proportions as nature intended.

Tasting Notes: Very fresh, rich and deep berry tones with a creamy texture.
  • approx 22grm
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