Cupuacu 80% Brazil (Special Edition)

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Unique to Demarquette this is a relative of the cocoa plant: 80% Theobroma Grandiflorum from Brazil. UK EXCLUSIVE

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One of our most unusual and distinctive 'Special Edition' single origin 'chocolates', exclusive to Demarquette in the UK. In fact it's not chocolate at all but made from Theobroma Grandiflorum - a relative of the cocoa plant. Originating in Brazil, we have created this 80% strength bar for otpimum flavour enjoyment.

We are one of the first pioneers in the UK to use Theobroma Grandiflorum as part of our Special Edition range of discoveries. Theobroma Grandiflorum is more commonly known as Cupuaçu (pronounced: coo poo asoo), which is an arboreal fruit species. Considered to be a pre-Colombian crop plant it is still found wild in the eastern sub region of Brazilian Amazonia.

Our partners AMMA process the beans in Brazil in a very similar way to cocoa. After testing and sampling we are pleased with the uniquely rich aroma and deeply flavoured product.

Tasting Notes: The core flavour is similar to chocolate with tropical fruit and coconut tones. A pleasant aftertaste with slight hints of banana.

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