Over the years Marc has delivered many events for Corporate & Private clients.

Now Marc has defined 3 core Chocolate tasting events that focus much more than simply eating your way through a box of chocolates.

Chocolate – Nature’s original Perfumery

Drawing on the 350+ sensorial flavour compounds in chocolate, this event looks at the complexity of taste and smell. It explores the parallels of both the craftsmanship of Haute Perfumery and Haute Chocolaterie. This event is perfect for those who have an acute “pallet and nose”, for those who enjoy a more refined and educational angle.

Curiosity of Chocolate

At Demarquette we are fortunate to stock rare and often unique products which defy conventional ways of interpreting chocolate. This event looks at the variety of cacaos out there that the big brands have no access to due to their rarity. ’Curiosity of Chocolate’ reviews the art of chocolate making and how some results that are outside the norms are so tantalising. We look at head turning and lip smacking creations defying the convention!

Chocolate Spirit!

An event fuelled with passion and associations with the very finest of pure alcohols from around the world. Parallels in craft and attention to detail are drawn and explored, but also how both the beverages and chocolates can complement each other. We peel away the layers of flavour and complexity and enjoy the symbiosis of chocolate and distilled alcohols.  Discover the world of chocolate spirit! Note that this event involves tasting alcohol.

Marc has delivered presentations, tasting and demonstrations at many prestigious Food events including Taste of London, Abergavenny food Festival, Salon du Chocolat (London, Paris & Brazil), cognac Show, Cake International and many others.

Marc’s eloquent skills shave also been called upon by prestige organisations including Smallbone of Devizes, BMW, CapGemini, Finers Stephens, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges Food Team to mention a few.

How to book:

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