Liberty Collection. Plant Based Collection.

Plant Based collection and is Lactose Free, Ovo free, nut free, Gluten free, Wheat free, suitable for a Vegan diet. This collection is as fresh as all our classic chocolates and must be kept in a dry cool place and consumed within the 2 weeks.

At Demarquette we like to challenge the norm and push the boundaries. Consequently Marc challenged himself to create a new collection of Chocolates by using animal free plant based ingredients, yet still attaining the glorious textures you are accustomed to with Demarquette.

After months of discoveries, trials and testing, Marc came up with 4 chocolates. His creativity was limited by only using single estate purest cacao (as usual) and evidently the finest ingredients we can get our hands on that are 100% plant based. The chocolates must taste and feel like any other from our classic collection and be deceptive in all ways but the truth. Result!

Marc used a similar base for every ganache. The base is made from: 75% plantation Criollo chocolate from Venezuela, cacao syrup made by our friends in Vietnam, raw coconut butter and a blend of vegetable fats (rapeseed, olive, ethical palm, (Free from hydrogenated vegetable oil) and glycerine.

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