Marc Demarquette

At the centre of our world is Marc Demarquette. His path to chocolate covered success is found in the about us section. You will find his fascinating journey to awards.

But how about working with Marc in a more direct way?

Fundamentally Marc has been the absolute pillar of our glittering development. You can reply on this in depth acquired spectrum of skills as a compare, judge or host.

Marc has hosted and co-hosted major international events including the most prestigious World Chocolate Masters at both regional and finale levels. Working with live film crew to an online audience of 10M +. Marc’s professionalism has allowed guests and candidates to express themselves freely in front of the lights, cameras and audiences.


At more humbling capacity Marc was asked to interview fellow peers at the Academy of Chocolate events in London. So, sit down and enjoy the conversation, you will be sure that Marc will draw something you didn’t know from his guest!

Marc’s unrivalled experience has allowed him to constructively express as a chocolate judge. His talent and unbiased ways have brought him to prestigious events in Brazil and the Salon du Chocolat in Paris not to mention the global Great Taste Awards.