Moroccan Mint Tea Ganache... 3-Star Gold Winner

07.08.2010-Having just achieved a prestigious 3-Star Gold award at the 2010 Great  Taste Awards we present the Moroccan Mint Tea chocolate truffle, which  is part of the Demarquette classic Ganache range of 21 core chocolates  that offer an exceptional 'Taste the World through Chocolate'  experience.

During a trip to Marrakesh, Marc was fascinated by  the daily ritual of tea drinking and enchanted by its significance of  hospitality, friendship and tradition. Moroccans take great pride in  their mint tea ceremony, so Marc took great care and time to research,  taste and test recipes in order to capture the true essence of Moroccan  culture and create his own Moroccan Mint Tea chocolate truffle as a  respectful tribute to this ancient tradition.

As the key  ingredient, Marc picks only the youngest mint leaves from a special  variety he was given by his host's chef whilst staying at a Riad in the  midst of Marrakech's medina. Making sure there are no stalks, which  would add bitterness to the infusion, he infuses the leaves and a secret  blend of green tea with fresh Cornish Jersey Herd cream over a set  number of days to gently extract the natural oils for the purest taste  experience.

Marc blends the infusion with smooth 71.1% dark  house chocolate to create a silky and delicately flavoured ganache. To  achieve the sweetness, which is characteristic of a great Moroccan Mint  Tea, Marc adds a little bit of honey from the Atlas mountain range to  achieve a truly authentic taste.

Hand cut into rectangles, each  is finally individually enrobed with the dark house chocolate and the  flavour decoratively written on the chocolates using an attractive  design characteristic of Demarquette Fine Chocolates.

The classic  Demarquette Ganache range of luxury chocolates is available at our  Demarquette Boutique in Chelsea and online. Selected ranges are on offer  in London at Fortnum & Mason and selected Delicatessens nationwide.

Click here to watch a short clip about the Moroccan Mint Tea Ganache.