Our Ingredients


Our passion is chocolate!  And we are particularly selective when it comes to choosing the best quality, ethically grown and harvested, traceable varieties. We are very strict in our selection of growers and producers, who must adhere to only the highest standards in social responsibility.

Our cocoa butter is a traceable blend from Ecuador, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic and the sugar we use for our Caramel Chocolates is British Beet sugar.

We are passionate about taking fine chocolate in its purest form and hand-blending it with just a few simple yet powerfully flavoured fresh ingredients which further enhance the chocolate and create its own unique character. We use only the freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers, where possible, in our chocolates and prepare them to strict specifications in our London Chocolaterie.

As with our chocolate, we carefully select our ingredients from traceable and ethical sources. The provenance of our fresh cream is paramount and we personally know the farmers whose dairy herds graze in Cornwall and Hampshire. Homegrown fruit and berries are picked from Marc's family orchard in the French Alps.

We do not add additional sugar to our chocolates but when necessary sweeten with our own aromatic blend of traceable honey - a natural inverted sugar - harvested from the sweet nectar of wild meadow flowers.

And above all we do not add palm oil, substitutes or any other synthetic or artificial flavourings to our chocolates.

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