Panorama, Chocolate - The Bitter Truth! Featuring Marc Demarquette

25.03.2010-A BBC1 Panorama documentary aired on Wednesday 24 March which saw reporter Paul Kenyon go undercover as a cocoa trader in West Africa where he discovers children as young as seven working long hours on cocoa farms. He buys a tonne of cocoa made with child labour, and sees how easy it is to sell it into the supply chain which leads to our high streets. He also helps rescue a 12 year old boy - trafficked across borders - to pick cocoa as a modern-day slave and reunites him with his mother.

Named as the most respected artisan chocolate maker and as a passionate advocate for ethical sourcing, Chocolatier Marc Demarquette educated Paul about the visual, taste and feel of cocoa beans to set him on his way to West Africa. When Paul returned to the UK bringing his child labour cocoa beans, Marc guided him through the chocolate making process from bean to bar.

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Video clip and outtakes courtesy of BBC