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An exclusive collection of 14 ganache chocolates infused with Far Eastern flavours Suitable for Vegan and vegetarian diets Ingredients: Single Origin Chocolate 70% (Cacao Solids, Cacao butter, Sugar, SOYA lecithin), Oat Milk, Cacao syrup, Coconut milk, Coconut butter, ethically sourced Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil, SESAME, Green Tea, Citrus Zests, fresh spices, Glucose Syrup.

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'The Orient Collection' is exclusively unique and made with pure origin cacao from Southern Vietnam's Ben Tre plantations, which support people suffering from the legacy of the Vietnam War. Each chocolate created by British Chocolatier Marc Demarquette is a respectful tribute to important Far Eastern flavours, symbols and customs as well as Marc's own roots and ancestry.
Named as the most respected artisan chocolate maker and as a passionate advocate for ethical sourcing, Marc has chosen an exclusive first harvest pure origin Vietnamese cacao from plantations in the southern region of Ben Tre, which provide employment, education and a secure income to people who have been left with genetic deformities caused by chemical warfare. With both highest quality and uncompromising ethical origination as the guiding principle, Marc once again reaffirms his position as the only UK chocolatier to exclusively offer 100% traceable chocolate products free from child labour, slavery or environmental destruction.

The Chocolate
is naturally sharp with strong delicious tones of berries. A very fresh chocolate which brings you excitement and invigoration
The 'Orient Collection' consists of 7 unique ganache flavours made and enrobed with pure origin Ben Tre Chocolate (2010 Great Taste 3-Star Award Winner). Both the number “7” and shape of the chocolates have been deliberately selected due to their meaning in oriental culture with the former considered lucky and symbolising 'togetherness' and the latter long rectangular shape reflecting longevity of life and prosperity. The flavours are:
Jasmine and Matcha Green Tea (2010 Great Taste Award Winner)
World renown for tea, the oriental cultures have all embraced the harmony of tea and its importance in culture, ceremony and tradition. Marc gently infuses oat milk with jasmine flowers and green tea for over 3 days to extract all the properties that then blend with the incredible Ben Tre cacao. The jasmine flower perfectly complements the green tea adding fresh spring tones that uplift the natural flavours of the cacao.

Szechuan Pepper (2010 Great Taste Award Winner)
Szechuan peppercorn is indigenous to the heart of mainland China with very distinctive pepper and smoky tones and a light fiery sensation. The pepper was chosen to depict the history and culture of this vast former imperial nation. With his maternal roots in China, Marc sets out to reflect the fiery past as well as the colourful traditions that bring warmth and unity throughout the region.
Pure Ben Tre
Unadulterated pure origin - a ganache made and enrobed with this wonderful Trinitario variety single origin cacao grown on the banks of the Mekong river in southern Vietnam.
Mixed Citrus
Often called the poor mans' gold, citrus fruit are offered as a gift to symbolise gold that brings prosperity and good fortune. Marc zests each fruit (tangerine,
grapefruit, orange, clementine) to harness their fresh natural essential oils, which are infused in oat milk before blending with the chocolate to create a very smooth finish. We offer this chocolate to bring prosperity and fortune to those who enjoy it.
Ginger & Galangal
The base of all oriental gastronomy is ginger, used in all cuisines across all borders. Known to have important medicinal properties, ginger has become a firm favourite across the world providing warmth and depth of flavour to any dish. Marc finely grates fresh ginger and blends the juice and pulp with oat milk and chocolate to create a fragrant and aromatic ganache – a true tribute to the incredible variety and diversity of Asian cuisine.
Coconut and Sesame
There is an old saying in Asia: “He who plants a coconut tree, plants food and drink, vessels and clothing, a home for himself and a heritage for his children.” The combination of coconut and the unique nutty tones of Sesame, which plays an important role in all Asian cuisines, is an absolute winner.
Lemongrass and Lime
Two fragrant essential ingredients more commonly found and used in South East Asia from Burma to Taiwan via the Philippines and Malaysia. Both ingredients complement each other to add fresh sun kissed citrus tones to the chocolate that reflects the warmth of the culture and energy of the people of this region.

The exclusive 'Orient Collection' is presented in a unique gift box with 14 chocolates
  • Due to the freshness of the ingredients this product has a two-week shelf life
  • This is a speciality product that takes up to 48 hours to prepare before despatch (except Chinese New Year).

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