Q: How have you adapted to COVID19:

A: Our premises are cleaned no only using anti bacterial, fungal and viral disinfectant and hot water but also enzymes to digest the fats. After every day we use powerful ultra violet light to ensure that what we may have missed is neutralised.

We wear masks and gloves at all times and apply social distancing at all times. We change our gloves and masks every hour or when we change recipes or products.

Our packing is now totally isolated and all our boxes are handled with gloves and they are packed wearing masks.

We then disinfect all our finished boxes with 90 degree alcohol before they are finally packed ready for dispatch.

Our measures do mean we are at a reduced capacity but aim to re-grow our business over the coming months..

Q: What is your plastic policy?

Simple, no single use plastic at all, no sachets, no bags and now plastic glassines. We still use plastic truffle cases that can be used as ice trays and if kept n the boxes to sort various knickknack, but their days are coming to an end very soon.

Q: Is Demarquette part of a chain?
A: No. Demarquette - Fine Chocolates is a small family-run British company created in 2006 and owned by Marc Demarquette.

Q: Where can I buy Demarquette Chocolates?
A: Some of our products are available at quality food stores around the country. Products are also available to purchase online.

Q: Are Demarquette chocolates imported?
A: No. Chocolatier Marc Demarquette produces his chocolates in his West London Chocolaterie using traditional techniques and only the best ingredients.

Q: Are all of Demarquette products preservative-free?
A: Yes. The health benefits of preservative-free products are well documented and Marc sets out to offer the freshest chocolates with the purest taste.

Q: Do Demarquette products contain gluten?
A: We do not use any ingredients in our chocolates that would contain gluten, so in principle our chocolates do not contain any gluten. However, we do on occasion create seasonal products that contain wheat, so therefore please note that we are unable to completely rule out any cross contamination which may occur during the production process. Our chocolates are not gluten-free certified by an official body.

Q: Do we send chocolates to addresses outside of the UK & the EU?
A: Yes we will offer a MyHermes or DPD courier with a single EU flat fee until Christmas 2020

Q: How should the fresh chocolates be packed when travelling abroad?
A: Remember that we do not use any preservatives in our fresh ganache chocolates. We will advise you of the 'Use by' date which we recommend to be 2 weeks from the date of purchase. When travelling it is also advisable to either vacuum-pack or clingfilm your box to protect the chocolates from condensation and taking on odours. High temperatures and humidity will affect the quality of the product.

Q: Tips on storing the chocolates
A: Please take note of the recommended 'use by' date. Chocolate is best kept between 16-18° C, in dry conditions, out of direct sunlight, and away from any other foods or substances with strong odors that could be absorbed by the chocolate. If keeping the chocolate in the fridge, we highly recommend to clingfilm the box to protect them from condensation and odours. When chocolate is exposed to hot or cold temperatures the cocoa butter can separate from the cocoa solids causing a white film to appear on the chocolate. The chocolates are not suitable for freezing.

Q: Why don’t we see Demarquette on supermarket shelves?
A: Being an artisan business, we focus on small quantities of qualitative products. By increasing production to supermarket quantities and expectations, one has to rely on serious manufacturing machinery. This takes all of the artisan craftsmanship out of the chocolate making. It is for this reason – quality - that Demarquette can only be found at very select partner boutique outlets.

Q: Why does Demarquette apply only artisan craftsmanship and not produce with new machinery?
A: It’s all about quality. Machines cannot replace the extraordinary natural senses Man has including smell, touch, sight and taste. The most critical times are when seasonal produce change. A punnet of raspberries will taste differently in the summer as it would the winter, more importantly the water and natural fructose content will also significantly vary, consequently at Demarquette we adapt our approach and recipes to accommodate seasonal fluctuations.

Q: Why do you no longer use Royal Mail for core deliveries?

A: The Royal Mail have sadly lost too many items that should be tracked or traced, this causes a great deal of customer anxiety and stress. With modern technology our expectations are high and need to have the ability to track and trace in real time, or even notify change to the drivers are becoming more and more important. Consequently, the Royal Mail are unable to offer a reliable service to help our customers plan their days or how to receive their delivery. We have opted to work with independent courier services with mobile technology notifications to help our customers enjoy their days and not wait all day for their Chocolate Gems!!

Q: Can you deliver any day of the week?

A: No, we were hit very badly by Covid and will slowly rebuild our operation which is sadly maxed out at 50%. We are now able to offer MyHermes and DPD couriers to Mainland UK only these services are 24hrs - 72hrs.

Q: I live in the Channel Islands, will you deliver to me?

Not anymore. sadly we have had more issues with Royal Mail so sadly we will not be able to accept orders to the following Post Codes