Tregothnan, one of Britain's finest private country estates, has invited award-winning British Chocolatier Marc Demarquette to create 'The Tregothnan Collection' of fine chocolates. The signature flavours consist of Tregothnan Estate Earl Grey Tea, the rare Kea Plum and Tregothnan Heather Honey.

Tregothnan has been home to the Boscawen family since 1335. The Estate, in Kent and Cornwall, is internationally known for its fine 'English Estate' products grown and produced with a sustained passion on Tregothnan land. This passion is the inspiration for the range of English Estate products and experiences, notably the UK's first tea plantation.

New to the range will be 'The Tregothnan fine chocolates' created by British Chocolatier Marc Demarquette. Demarquette - Fine Chocolates is fast establishing itself as one of the leading British fine chocolate brands by seeking inspiration and sourcing as many local products from around Britain.

The relationship between Tregothnan and Demarquette is a natural marriage of passion - Tregothnan has the passion for growing and collecting plants including many rare specimens and Marc has the passion and artisanal skill to capture the true essence of Tregothnan in chocolate.

The initial and signature flavour collection consists of three fine ganache chocolates infused with Estate Earl Grey Tea, the rare Kea Plum and Estate Heather Honey.

Tregothnan Earl Grey Tea Chocolate
As descendants of Earl Grey himself, the Boscawen family have created the ultimate tribute: Earl Grey made with tea grown on the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall - the UK's first and only producing Tea plantation. Gently infused in fresh cream from Tregothnan Jersey Herds, and combined with the award-winning 65% Demarquette House Blend of dark chocolate, the distinctive yet subtle flavours of Earl Grey Tea develop gently on the palate with delicate tones of Citrus bergamia rounding off the experience.

Tregothnan Kea Plum Chocolate
Around 300 years have passed since the prized Kea plums arose in a Tregothnan sea creek and the entire world production is located in just one valley of Cornwall. The plums are both rare and exquisite and the taste is truly unique. Marc cooks the ripest fresh plums to release their full flavour as a basis for his secret ganache recipe. The fullness of Tregothnan cream, the distinctive flavour and sweet perfume of the Kea Plum together with plum bits for texture make the perfect chocolate.

Tregothnan Heather Honey Chocolate
Another unique flavour produced by England's most southerly bees buzzing Tregothnan land on the Lizard. Marc uses a traditional ganache recipe to capture and gently release the pure taste of Cornish wild heather.

The 'Tregothnan Collection' of fine chocolates will be pre-viewed to the trade at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair, Olympia (7th to 9th September, 2008).

It will then be officially released to the public during "UK Chocolate Week" from Monday 13th October until Sunday 19th October and online at