Wholesale - Manor Chocolates

We invite you to discover our exciting and delicious wholesale range of handmade chocolates created by Demarquette - Fine Chocolates, the UK's most awarded Luxury Chocolatier in 2009, 2010 and 2011 (combined Great Taste Awards & Academy of Chocolate Awards).

After extensive research and conversations with owners and confectionery buyers of Delis, Farm Shops, Garden Centres, Restaurants, Hotels & Guest Houses, etc. we have created a range of chocolates for you that meet the challenges of any independent retailer today whilst ensuring that your customers receive the quality and taste they demand from you.

Our research highlighted what is important to you and your customers:

These and more are exactly the issues that we at Manor Chocolates are addressing for you.

Our kitchens are located in the leafy suburbs of West London where our skilled chocoholic craftsmen lovingly hand make each and every product from scratch. We take pride in taking our time to look for only the freshest and most flavoursome ingredients, often hand picking them ourselves and working with British producers where possible. You'll be surprised at how many products available to you aren't actually made here in the UK at all and finding the source of the ingredients is often a real conundrum!

Whilst highest quality chocolates often also have very short shelf lives with impractical storage requirements, the Manor Chocolates creations have been developed to use only natural preservatives and ingenious recipes that optimise the shelf life for you without having to add all sorts of nasty bits. Ranging from 6 months to a year shelflife, we make sure that you can feel confident about your stock management throughout the year.

And what about the chocolate itself? Have a look around at what is available and ask yourself where it originates from. There is a wealth of hard evidence for extensive child labour, slavery and corruption, particularly in West African regions. Where most producers will use cost effective blended chocolate for their products with no way of knowing its exact origin, at Manor Chocolates we are particularly strict when it comes to our own selection of couverture chocolate to make sure all our ingredients are ethically sound. We therefore use only single origin cocoa and cocoa butter from Ecuador and cocoa powder from the Dominican Republic for all our creations giving you and your customers complete peace of mind.